Doctor Who – Deep Breath


Last night, clutching my Tardis lunchbox, and wearing a outfit reminiscent of Matt Smith’s Doctor, I went to The Lighthouse cinema in Dublin along with many other Whovians to get my first look at Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in ‘Deep Breath’. I am a shameless Matt Smith fan, I think he brought a whimsical quality to the show which was sorely needed after Tennant’s story lines. I was not willing to see another Doctor step out of the Tardis. How could anyone replace Matt? He was wonderful, and truly made every episode so enjoyable to watch, he made bow-ties and Fez’s cool; he couldn’t leave! But, of course he had to, there can be no ‘forever Doctor’, no matter how beloved he is. 

While I was anxious to hear the iconic Tardis sound, and get lost in the Whovian world again, I couldn’t see how ‘Deep Breath’ could do anything but insult the memory of Matt Smith; I am happy to say I was so very wrong. The episode was perfect. I have never felt like an entire episode was as directed to the audience as ‘Deep Breath’ was, Clara’s misgivings regarding accepting a new Doctor and her loyalties to Matt were dealt with in such a precise and careful way that the viewers could do nothing but deal with their own possible apprehension about Capaldi. 

Last night, fans were not only introduced to their new Doctor, but also given time to say farewell to their previous one; seeing Matt on screen, making that emotive phone call to Clara at the end of the episode, was an edition to the episode which truly shows how amazing, and in tune with the fans,  the people behind the scenes of Doctor Who are. Capaldi was able to be seen as separate to previous Doctors so easily last night, ironically because his predecessor was lovingly referenced so well. 

Capaldi, truly was able to shine and show fans how worthy of his new title he is, he was effortlessly funny, eccentric, righteous and compassionate; everything you want in a Doctor. Jenna Coleman, also showed last night how much Clara is evolving as a character, and gave a spectacular acting performance.  I am finally looking forward to the new season, without my previous reservations.



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