Talking to a Ghost

A thousand words are spoken aloud,
To a void that devours so ardently.
The echo of words once so loud,
now replaced with bitter normalcy.

I am talking to a ghost.
One of my own unintentional creation,
With whom I once truly lived the most.
I have secured my damnation.

To slip again into my twilight state,
To see everything and nothing.
To be so full, yet cruelly empty, is my fate.
To this I can see no adjusting.

I have felt the warming light,
Dreams of hope had me engrossed.
Now there is eternal night,
I am left with just a ghost.

I am talking to a ghost,
A ghost of flesh and bone.
I am talking to a ghost,
Who has once again left me alone.

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One thought on “Talking to a Ghost

  1. Very different from what we often come across. I truly appreciate the depth and uniqueness of this topic.
    I would like to invite you to visit my blog as well where I share my poetry and artwork. Hope you like it. It’s always good to interact with people. this is how we learn and grow. God bless you

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